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Ahh…sacred savasana, the final relaxation pose where you can finally let go. UNLESS. Unless there’s some incredibly annoying sound or distraction that inexorably pulls you out of your restful state. Blast! You know what we’re talking about. The other day we asked everyone to share their savasana audible gripes and grievances as well as favorite [...]


click to enlarge. You sink down, your body yoga’d and ready for the sweet stillness of savasana. Ahhhh…BUT, what is your teacher doing all that time?? Oh you know, just taking care of business! Or maybe it’s more like this! Thanks to YogaTrail for this yoga funny. —— Earlier… What Is Your Yogi Name? Read This [...]


Check out a little laughter yoga break with these hilarious versions of what really happens in savasana. enjoy! (note: first video possibly NSFW due to a few f-bombs) [below video via YogaDawg] Earlier…Too Busy for Savasana? Why We All Need to Play Dead


Sister satire, Tina Fey, has shot up the ranks of superlady stardom, with what is it now four thousand Emmys? Something like that. This working girl is no slouch on an expanding To-do’s, but when it comes to fitness, yoga is on the bucket list. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Tina describes her typical [...]


We see dead people…walking out of yoga class before savasana! Otherwise known as corpse pose, savasana is, suitably, the final pose of a yoga practice. And for good reason! But some folks just don’t know how to take things lying down.. or uh, dying, essentially. Yesterday fitsugar.com had a “you asked” question up from a [...]