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Sascha Lewis

Were you sad over the Central Park Yoga wash-out? Pissed about being stuck in the long lines? Annoyed by the in-your-face brand marketing transcending the yoga message? We don’t blame you, it was a bummer! But when Yoga @ the Great Lawn was the largest, shortest yoga class on record due to inclement weather, the [...]

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The official response from Y@GL hosts Flavorpill: THANK YOU Greetings all, The goal of Yoga at the Great Lawn was to share the gift of yoga with the greatest number of people in the heart of our home, New York, the greatest city in the world. We very much appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response and [...]


Did you make it into this year’s YoGA at MoMA? Luck you! We hear it was a spectacular affair with over 300 yogis parked under the massive whale skeleton strung from the 60ft high ceiling. Gorgeous! The event was masterminded by Flavorpill co-founder Sascha Lewis, who can up with the idea back in 2004, but [...]