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Santa Claus

About 200 members of a Laughter Yoga club in Hanoi, Vietnam donned their Santa suits on December 23 and took to Ly Thai To park to laugh themselves all the way to 2013. Laughter Yoga: like that super eccentric cousin who’s always saying bizarre things that are baffling at the time, but seem to make perfect [...]

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There are just way too many cute and cheery Santa yoga funnies out there, so we thought we’d bring some of our favorites together in one merry little post. Here you go! Ho ho… 1. Om for the Holidays  [via yogadudes] 2. Om Christmas Tree, Om Christmas Tree…  [via yogadudes] 3. Peace and Harmony Santa  [via] 4. How Santa [...]


“Santa’s Christmas Routine” is a free e-book and cute story from the folks at SangaYoga, about a boy who helps the jolly man and his bowl full of jelly salute the sun, touch his toes and therefore make it through the chimney to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls


Dear YogaDorks and dorkettes, it’s that time of year again, when we can all join together with family and friends, sharing love and appreciation for one another, and being thankful for yoga to keep us sane through it all! ;) Seriously though, ooey gooey warm wishes from YD HQ for a very happy holiday! candy [...]