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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling continues his campaign for Mr. Yoga McDreamy Pants. As if to say, Hey girl, don’t you worry about what anyone else thinks, if you like to wear yoga pants all day, to yoga class, to run errands, to the spa with me later because you deserve it baby, that is your right to [...]


Actor and real life Disney movie hero, Ryan Gosling, is at it again making us swoon. As if being a devoted yogi and doggie daddy weren’t enough.


Granted this is from the National Enquirer, the paper we look to for our ‘Obama is an alien’ updates and Betty White’s bird-flipping road rage, so you know, take this how you like.

But it seems Ryan Gosling loves his dog George so much he wants him to experience the yog too, he brought him along to class. Awww. But yoga “meanies” didn’t think it was so cute, maybe because the dog was nosing people in the crotch and peeing in the corner?