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Russell Simmons

Lululemon is in hot water again. This time it’s for alleged animal cruelty in relation to their use of down – aka goose feathers. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has joined PETA in a plea to get lulu to stop using the bird feathers in their jackets and vests, and to use synthetics instead. Simmons penned [...]


The inevitable. Are we stepping our yogi toes into the age of celebrity-owned yoga studios?

Here’s a bit of gossip we were all not so anxiously waiting for, partly because we’re naturally calm yogis who have techniques to quell that sort of excitement and partly because this bloke is totally mad. Madly in love with yoga! We’ll give him one thing, he’s certainly carving his own path and we don’t just mean with his Brit bo-hobo-yogi chic fashion sense. Russell Brand, comedian-actor-former sex and drug addict turned Katy Perry ex-husband turned born again yogi is ready to take his practice to the next level. He’s rumored to be taking yoga teacher training with his guru Tej Kaur of LA’s Goldenbridge Yoga and has plans to open his own studio next spring.


A few weeks ago we half-jokingly mused, “Remember when everyone made fun of Moby because he was into yoga and it wasn’t cool then?” My how times have changed. Hell, Russell Crowe is coming out of the prop closet now. We’re delighted to discover via this documentary series by his wellness Deepak Chopra that Moby was [...]


Coming this holiday season, serial yogapreneur Russell Simmons will be joining the celebrity yoga fashion crowd with his new line Tantris. The NYC native is no stranger to successful business ventures.


The yogactivists have arrived to #OccupyWallSt! “My heart is open, my mouth is ready, the hair is big, and my friends are waiting. Got everything I need to join in and change the world!!!!!” Seane Corn announced Monday morning before leading approximately 100ish+ yoga folk and surrounding yogific protestors in a call to action. It [...]


More and more people are joining #OccupyWallSt now at Day 12, including yogis, and a celebriyogi leader, Russell Simmons. Sure there’s some controversy over whether or not yoga should mix with politics. Though, as we said in a previous statement, we view yoga in these cases as acts of community, not the yoga world uniting [...]


Breaking! Celebrities are keeping fit! “I learned that even though you aren’t always as good as the other people at the poses or you don’t look as elegant or can’t stretch as far, you just do what you can! It’s all about where YOU are in the moment. You don’t do this for others or [...]


We’re so excited about this giveaway from we’ve had LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out” on repeat the last 4 hours!* That’s not true, Beastie Boys got some fair spins. (*Def Jam reference, people) “So whatcha whatcha watcha want?” A new book by super mogul-rific yogapreneur Russell Simmons? You’re in luck! He has [...]


It’s Russell Simmons: the meditating mogul! Surrounded by women and Buddhas! We’re still trying to decide if this new show about running the RUSH empire is a ghastly mashup of an overly pampered mala-clad celebrity CEO, his fetish for females, self-aggrandizement and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. OR a modern example of how yoga and [...]