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Russell Brand

But if you’ve ever watched Mr. Brand speak you’d know the bloke is chock full of charisma and a sort of quickfire, magnetic personality that we slowpoke-speakers can only marvel at. This video collection of Rusty spouting knowledge and spreading consciousness is no exception.


There are many reasons why we have a fascination with Russell Brand and deemed him our 2012 YD mascot. Here’s one. Perhaps not exactly the most likable character, that Rusty, but what loudmouthed, opinionated comedian in show biz is there to please everyone? In this interview with the sweet-mannered Ashtanga yoga teacher Eddie Stern (who [...]


When British comedian Russell Brand isn’t keeping us up on the LA yoga protest-liberation scene, or entertaining 100s of yogis plus Demi Moore at his home, he’s probably trying to release his Kundalini energy (in a totally nonsexual way) or saying something outrageous and/or hilarious. This time it’s the latter, thanks to Tom Cruise. Brand [...]


The Yoga Must Go On. More Russell Brand news, because boy is he a hoot and doggone it, it’s been over two days of not hearing about the jokey yoga bloke. The walk-out protest he staged last week over the alleged mistreatment of his guru seemed to have attracted more than a handful of followers. [...]


Rusty the rabble rouser. Last year’s celebriyogi mascot Russell Brand made headlines for his turn from sex and drug addiction to devout yogaship, taking on the Westboro Baptist Church with the help of Krishna and, among other fashionable things, for gifting his kundalini yoga teacher a car for Christmas. The ever bashful, attention shy Mr. Brand [...]


Notorious celebriyogi Russell Brand is making headlines again, this time for his generosity. In a gesture that admittedly seems more Hollywood than Mysore, Brand gifted his yoga teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa her very own OmMobile*, a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, which cost him $33,000. Not a bad holiday bonus! And finally we have [...]


So Russell Brand may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the chakra tattooed comedian cum Kundalinian has got some bandhas of steel. Recently Russell invited members of the infamously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church on his new FX show, the same group who march around with signs saying “Fag Pimp Brand” (which they kindly brought to the show).
The Westboro members came as their “duty” to warn people to stop sinning. What ensues is an intense yet impressively (mostly) polite exchange between the Westboro bible bros, Brand, a few of his brave gay friends and the incredulous audience. There’s certainly a LOT of love talk flying around amidst “vitriolic hate speak.” Russell, a publicly known devout yogi, does an admirable job as host when things get heated in God love/hate debate. His all one-love let’s-be-tolerant-of-one-another approach, even with the help of his “good ol bloody” Krishna statue dancing on the head of evil, doesn’t go over well.


The inevitable. Are we stepping our yogi toes into the age of celebrity-owned yoga studios?

Here’s a bit of gossip we were all not so anxiously waiting for, partly because we’re naturally calm yogis who have techniques to quell that sort of excitement and partly because this bloke is totally mad. Madly in love with yoga! We’ll give him one thing, he’s certainly carving his own path and we don’t just mean with his Brit bo-hobo-yogi chic fashion sense. Russell Brand, comedian-actor-former sex and drug addict turned Katy Perry ex-husband turned born again yogi is ready to take his practice to the next level. He’s rumored to be taking yoga teacher training with his guru Tej Kaur of LA’s Goldenbridge Yoga and has plans to open his own studio next spring.


A few weeks ago we half-jokingly mused, “Remember when everyone made fun of Moby because he was into yoga and it wasn’t cool then?” My how times have changed. Hell, Russell Crowe is coming out of the prop closet now. We’re delighted to discover via this documentary series by his wellness Deepak Chopra that Moby was [...]