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Well, fish and chips, if this video of England National Rugby guys practicing yoga doesn’t have us rightly chuffed! These days it’s not just American pro athletes taking the benefits of yoga seriously as a true way to stretch, breathe, relax, rehabilitate and pre-habilitate, preventing injuries on and off the field. Props for the blocks. [...]


“We hand-picked six guys who we thought were a little bit susceptible to injury and not as flexible. We put those six in and then said to the others it’s not compulsory, but we ended up having to knock the guys back, because we can only fit 10 in the room.”  Conditioning coach Adam Beard [...]


We love this! Whoever said yoga wasn’t a ‘workout’ may end up eating these guys’ rugby shorts. Over the pond, in the soaky pastures of Connacht, Ireland, professional rugby players are submerged in pre-season conditioning. On the regimen this year? A hefty helping of  ‘strongman’ activities including log-lifting, swimming and yoga! Yes indeedy, the rough [...]