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While yoga keeps getting more acrobatic, more alcoholic and hot hot hot, there’s a slower, gentler, quieter side people are flocking to in order to get away from, well, all of that, and the rest of life’s stresses, noises and disturbances. They’re flipping the switch and heading off to silent retreats. Shhhh… Silent retreats are [...]


by Katherine Smith Have you ever noticed how similar yoga and acupuncture are? Both follow similar philosophies. Both work on a series of energy channels in the subtle body to promote healing and wellbeing. Both are steeped in millennia of wisdom and ancient medicine. You may have also noticed there are a number of yoga retreats [...]

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Take a guess! In a time when luxury vacations include jetting off for Eat, Pray, Love-inspired world tours, what do YOU think a weekend retreat at an impossibly fancy hotel and spa with Jen Aniston’s yoga guru is worth? You may have to sell a kidney. Via SocialWorkout: Holy hot towels. Then again, can you [...]


Gawker adorably refers to them as the “funemployed,” the group of laid off and seemingly well-off citizens who are grabbing this unemployment thing by the horns and making the most if it. (yep, Gawker again. twice in on week. this yoga thing must be huge). The New York Times published an article today about how [...]


Splurging on luxury is a real no-no in this crap economy, but what if it’s for a self-helpy learning experience? If we’ve gained anything from the Recession, and the coinciding bubble of yoga in America, it’s that self-medication has no price tag. And a Reuters story like this is destined for syndication and a massive [...]