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Baby, it’s cold outside. But we think we have something that will warm you up. How about an awesome 75 minutes of yoga, meditation and relaxation wherever and whenever you like? You may want to put your Valentine’s plans on hold. This is heart restoration at its finest. Jillian Pransky’s Calm Body, Clear Mind DVD is one [...]


Here’s some news to brighten your day: science has provided yet another reason to practice yoga. A study found that yoga can help reduce cancer-related fatigue and lower levels of inflammation in the body. And actually, the more yoga that was done, the better off the cancer survivors were. Researchers and scientists at Ohio State University [...]


This news may confuse and/or disappoint many people searching “yoga for weight loss” or those already enrolled in a sweaty vinyasa-thon to shed a few pounds in the new year. As it turns out, it may be restorative yoga that you really need to lose weight and feel better, according to a new study. The [...]


If you didn’t notice, northern hemisphere, it’s winter out there! And while we may all still be thawing our toes out enough to fully wiggle them, we’re so happy to be bringing you more reasons to hunker down on your mat for a brief stint of much needed hibernation, even if it’s just for minutes [...]


Winter is nature’s time of hibernation, retreat, and contraction. As winter’s cold, wet, dark, and heavy qualities increase around us, they grow within us as well. Nature demands that we insulate more as winter encourages us to wear more layers, stay inside, and do fewer activities outdoors.


By Jillian Pransky “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This past weekend I led a spring yoga retreat at Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz, NY. With morning temperatures at a frigid 29 degrees, the only sign of spring was no snow on the ground and a radiant, [...]


by Jillian Pransky I was originally drawn to yoga in the early 90s as an athlete and a typical over achiever.  I played sports all my life, was a collegiate soccer player, a marathon runner, and an avid 7-day a week aerobics junkie.  In my business career I held a fast paced position as a [...]


For as long as I can remember, I have loved spring. It is a joyful season. Nature’s regeneration ignites our faith and happiness; with the buds bursting and birds singing our hearts organically bloom open. Optimism flows more effortlessly.

However, while we may more easily find joy or gratitude in longer days of light, yogis believe that this ‘contentment’ is an inside job. From the earliest days, the Maitri Upanishad taught: “As is one’s thought, so one becomes. That is an eternal mystery.”


We’re so excited to introduce Restorative Yoga expert and new addition to the YogaDork Ed faculty, Jillian Pransky! Check out our Q&A with Jillian below where she shares her favorite and not-so-favorite poses, what keeps her inspired and her top pick for the celebrity she wishes would give yoga a try (hint: it’s not Robert Downey, [...]