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Hey do-gooders and social action heroes, here’s an organization for you: Yoga for the Unemployed! It’s true, on this stormy spring day comes gloomy gray news that in March the unemployment rate in the US reached a 25-year high, that’s 8.5%, 633,00 jobs lost. Still (still!) there is news from Detroit, of all places, that [...]


Attention Struggling NY Yoga Teachers! Dust off your best 2-3 minutes of material. The ever buoyant Equinox is forging its way through the recession and hiring teachers for early mornings and BOTH Sat and Sun.  Rough sched, but could be solid if you’re looking for gigs.  For fans of Pure, sounds like it’s just Equinox [...]


Baba Ramdev Unveils His Yoganomics Plan: He’s a one man wonder! Employees of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) were treated to some quality Swamster time recently during their very own special Ramdev Yoga Camp. Not content with politics, technology, curing everything in the world, Ramdev threw his Economist hat into the ring. Speaking on the [...]


According to today’s news the yoga business is alive and well, thriving even! Frazzled members of Crunch and Equinox gyms are swarming to even more yoga and meditation classes added to the January schedule. Maybe yoga really is recession proof! Or, maybe not. The sources interviewed for this latest article are super mammoth gyms (with [...]


There’s no way of knowing when a tragedy may strike, but knowing what to do in the event of an emergency by conditioning your brain beforehand will give you a much higher chance of survival. Referred to as your “disaster personality,” by Amanda Ripley in her latest article “How to Survive A Disaster” in this [...]