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While spirited and God-fearing Americans continue to debate the merits and menace of yoga, bless their hearts, LA’s Loyola Marymount University, the largest Catholic university on the West Coast has initiated a Certificate Program in Yoga Philosophy. Yep, a full list of courses covering: …the study of classical yoga, various schools of Hinduism, Sanskrit, mantra chanting, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, meditation, [...]


UPDATED: Further commentary on the Hindu American Foundation’s “Take Yoga Back” Campaign, and Yoga history and connection with religion in general –  from authors Stefanie Syman, Mark Singleton, Deepak Chopra, and Hindu American Foundation co-founder, Suhag A. Shukla, Esq. Via Times of India Op-Ed – “Yoga’s appeal is universal” Yoga gives cultural weight to Brand [...]


Wowy wow. Behold one of the boldest anti-yogevangelist claims yet! We’ve recently seen public condemning of yoga practice by big bopper Southern Baptist Albert Mohler,  who’s convinced that yoga could be breathe its way into replacing Christianity! But holy Jesus ravioli, are we yogadorks actually yoga…demons? Pastor Mark Driscoll, an indisputable megachurch superstar in Seattle, [...]


Here we go…More controversy over yoga and religion! And now it’s making major headlines, but, nope, this is not new. The NY Daily News has a bit about Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler and his vocal anti-yoga evangelizing, positing that Christianity and yoga are incompatible. This was all brought to light after an interview [...]


Uh oh. Is yoga threatening Christian faith? And the debate marches on! This time Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, faces off with Stefanie Syman, author of The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America, on his online talk show. The interview (listen here) is actually a very civil and [...]


Julia Roberts went to India and all she got was a little ‘Pray’ action for her starring role in a soon to be summer blockbuster and a conversion to Hinduism! What? In the same interview for the September Elle magazine where America’s sweetheart eschews botox because she wants her kids to recognize her happy vs [...]


“Two workouts in one!” “What a fabulous opportunity to spend a half hour or an hour stretching and toning your body AND worshiping with Jesus Christ at the same time.” Certainly interesting. This should factor in nicely to the debate already stewing thanks to the Deepak Chopra vs. Aseem Shukla ‘Is Yoga Hindu?’ beef. (UPDATE: [...]


And the dialogue continues! If you’re following along at home wellness superstar Deepak Chopra and Professor Aseem Shuklah have had some words about the origin/”theft” of yoga and its ties to Hinduism. Check out the earlier discussion to catch up.  Well, with Deepak all “Yoga isn’t Hindusim, and therefore not in bed with religion” etc [...]


Uh oh, it’s a rumble! Here’s the yoga beef: – Professor Aseem Shukla says: Yoga is Hindu, and it’s a total sham Western fools don’t recognize! – Deepak Chopra says: What you talkin’ bout, Shukla? Yoga did not originate in Hinduism, it’s so way older than that. If you haven’t read the comments over at [...]