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Pope Francis has caused quite a stir for being “liberal” on subjects the Catholic Church is traditionally conservative or silent about, like homosexuality and feminism. So commenting on yoga was the only obvious next step in his liberal agenda. But did he go ahead and diss it? In a January 9th Vatican Radio address, Pope [...]


File under: Yogaphobia. Oh, Pat. Most of us know Pat Robertson is bat turd crazy, right? (Sorry. No judgement.) The 84-year-old conservative Christian evangelist still speaks on TV, dispensing his advice on the American public through his “The 700 Club” show broadcasted every weekday on ABC Family via his Christian Broadcasting Network like the super [...]


And now, the aftermath. Yesterday’s ruling that yoga is not religious and is, in fact, suitable for school children was a major win, but in its wake comes many questions and even more room for debate now that the courtroom seal has been broken and everyone and their maha maya tries to define what yoga [...]


When it comes to the wild world of public relations for political candidates these days, saying yoga will lead to Satan might be good for a laugh, but it’s sure as hell not going to help get you elected. Perhaps this is what Virginia’s Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, E.W. Jackson, considered after quotes from his 2008 [...]


Yoga and religion on trial, oh my. The recap from the Encinitas yoga trial that began earlier this week comes courtesy of U-T San Diego writer Logan Jenkins and only confirms our deepest fears: we may all be bald from tearing our hair out by the end of it, IF it ever ends. So far, [...]


Today’s the day. Civil rights case pitting Sedlock v. Baird, parents v. school, religion v. yoga, goes on trial today in Encinitas, CA. The Sedlocks, parents of a child in the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) who have evangelical Christian roots and support, claim that free twice-weekly 30-minute yoga classes threaten religious freedom and, in fact, equal religious indoctrination, [...]


Hold onto your school lunches, a trial date has been set for the civil rights case pitting parents against the Encinitas Union School District over free yoga classes. Their time in court will come May 20. As a refresher, a lawsuit, Sedlock vs. Baird (school superintendant), was filed earlier this year by two parents claiming the Ashtanga yoga [...]


Free from the whole ‘is yoga a religion’ debate, more folks of varying creeds are finding ways to weave asana and even yoga philosophy into their own belief systems.


And then we learned our sun salutations were dancing us straight on the prana express to the hot blazeballs of hell. Thanks to 85-year-old Father Gabriel Amorth, the president of the International Association of Exorcists, who has warned us of fiery flames of eternal damnation in his claim that yoga and Harry Potter are “magic” and “the [...]