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Peep into any of the thousands of yoga classes across the globe and you will find that students are donning more than just yoga outfits. In addition to the latest leggings and tank tops by (insert your favorite designer here) you’ll also find students of every age, both male and female, sporting a different kind of accessory. These, however, are not made from lycra, mala beads or precious metals, but rather from an overzealous nervous system.


The physiological effects of Abdominal Breathing (belly breathing) is a gift we’ve been given, but too many of us have become accustomed to Thoracic Breathing (chest breathing) and end up living in a state of fight or flight. Watch this video below for your how to guide for abdominal breathing, but first, let me explain….


OK sure, it’s the end of November, only X number of shopping days left and you have so many good boys and girls on your list, and oh! is that another “50% off + free shipping if you spend $300” coupon code with a cherry on top?! Stop the insanity! Just for a few breaths. [...]