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We’ve seen our share of “Yoga Girls” and “Shit New Age Girls Say,” but we have to admit this is the first openly queer “hip-hip” music video we’ve witnessed that is as hipsterifficly fashionable as it is sanskrittingly educational. Introducing “Yogue Out” from self-proclaimed “queer ass” rapper Kitty Crimes, straight out of Denver.


And then gangsta rappers did ghetto yoga… Deemed by many in the game as the creator of gangsta rap, 45 year old Jesse “Schoolly D” Weaver Jr. gets dirty in his lyrics and ghetto in his yoga. YO, wha? What was the Philly legend doing during the earthquake? He “just got finished yoga.” An interview [...]


Got a minute? Check out this 60 second rap from uber cute Canadian actress and dedicated yogi Ingrid Nilson. When you’ve got “Fuck Yoga” leading the pack in yoga raps, here’s a refreshing coco water pallet cleanser. We hereby deem Ingrid an honorary member of the #365yoga journey. “Let’s live and love and breathe this [...]


Two faces only a non-judging, compassionate yogi could love! We were holding this one for a rainy day. Perhaps the macho man’s response to I Need A Yogi for a Homey? It’s kinda catchy, with the whole F-bomb hook, and the playful flute is a nice touch. So yeah…Warning: NSFW. Offensive, sure, but you can’t [...]


Yogi, wha? Hey ladies! Meet Nikki “2K” Muller and her yogi homey DJ Tanner. If you’re into spreading consciousness in the belly laughasana region, and don’t mind a little “perv”ottansana, we recommend you do NOT miss this hot video. We’re digging the rise of these saucy lady yogis. **Possibly NSFW, if you work in an [...]


Many might remember talented rapster Eminem as a pale-skinned misanthropic, oft homophobic, misogynistic, Moby-bashing grump*. Well, lovelies, that was the old Marshall Mathers, before Rehab. Before he found Yoga, on his path to ‘Relapse‘… er something like that. Yes the very same 8-Miler who’s been known for his keen habit of slinging some other choice [...]