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Pure Yoga

What do you do when your favorite yoga teacher is unexpectedly fired from a studio and whisked away without notice? That’s what happened to the popular, yet somewhat controversial and rebellious Marco Rojas when he was unexpectedly fired from upscale yoga studio Pure last week, after teaching there for four years. Those outside of the NYC yoga scene might not feel the ripples from the firing heard round Manhattan, but there are certainly some relatable notes


Breaking! Cher and Prince have mated and conceived a spawn of yoga! Here she is, the black widow of yoga pop, Lady Gaga visiting Pure Yoga in Taipai, Taiwan the other day in what is obviously the most appropriate Gaga-ish yoga attire we’ve ever seen. Finally! We knew those Bikram undies wouldn’t last. And it’s [...]


NYC yogis, turn on your burgl-dar! A thief is running rampant robbing Manhattan shops and restaurants, and he hasn’t spared the yoga stops! Among the 22(!) targets, since late last month, of barber shops, beauty salons and fast food chains, was Pure Yoga on the Upper East Side! The yoga studio on 86th St. was [...]


Baba Ramdev Unveils His Yoganomics Plan: He’s a one man wonder! Employees of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) were treated to some quality Swamster time recently during their very own special Ramdev Yoga Camp. Not content with politics, technology, curing everything in the world, Ramdev threw his Economist hat into the ring. Speaking on the [...]


Yoga Day Canada, Feb 28: Well it doesn’t quite have the ring of Yoga Day USA, but yogadorks of the great white north can still have their own day of yoga awareness and free studio marketing too. Indeed, Yoga Day Canada 2009 is set for this Saturday February 28. Hadn’t heard about it? No worries, [...]


According to today’s news the yoga business is alive and well, thriving even! Frazzled members of Crunch and Equinox gyms are swarming to even more yoga and meditation classes added to the January schedule. Maybe yoga really is recession proof! Or, maybe not. The sources interviewed for this latest article are super mammoth gyms (with [...]


Save Money With a Home Practice: In tight times your fitness expenses might be the first to get cut. But developing a home practice means you don’t have to quit cold turkey. Best advice? For beginners, go to a class first, maybe a few classes, to get basic instruction before attempting to follow videos or books on your [...]


Advertising is a tough game in this town, with so much bustling about and ads literally plastered everywhere you can imagine, it’s hard to make your business stand out. That’s why we’re not surprised by Pure Yoga’s efforts to go overboard with their “green” marketing strategy. We’ve talked about the furry green wall before, and [...]


Attention Manhattanites, the big day is fast approaching! That being Pure Yoga’s grand opening, of course! We’re bracing ourselves for June 25, the day when the mammoth yoga company from the far east launches its flagship studio in a plot to take over Manhattan’s Upper East Side – just another big step in their plan [...]