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There’s a new group of yogis and they’re already veterans. Actually, they’re quite literally veterans, of the armed forces. Members of the military, both veterans and active duty men and women, are embracing yoga and meditation as a way to cope with physical wounds and the wounds that maybe aren’t so easy to see. To [...]


A yoga teacher and practitioner for over 40 years, Beryl Bender Birch is no stranger to writing books. Her works, Power Yoga, Beyond Power Yoga and Boomer Yoga, are considered essential on many yogi bookshelves. Her latest book, Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training in Strength, Resilience and Peace of Mind is a guide to the therapeutic and healing practices of yoga for those in the military, home from combat, veterans or anyone suffering from trauma.


Memorial Day has come to have many meanings, from the unofficial kick off to the summer to the first BBQ of the season to the actual intended purpose of remembering the men and women who have fallen serving in the armed forces. However you feel about the military and wars and what have you, it’s [...]


The Police Academy in Dayton, Ohio are not your average cops in a doughnut shop lot. In fact, with their new yoga training you might catch them crushing crow pose before a krispy kreme. Seriously, though, police work can be highly stressful and when the chief decides it’s time to add another tool to your belt, you drop your dunkin and listen.


In the interview below with Eva Norlyk Smith, Managing Editor at YogaUOnline.com, Amy discusses her new book and emerging perspectives in the treatment of depression and anxiety.


In case you were wondering, being a soldier ain’t easy! And this is before any kind of deployment into action to defend freedoms, with liberty and justice for all. You know the drill. Yes, drill sergeant! But for service men and women returning from duty it’s not only physical injuries they incur, but layers of [...]


More yoga in the army news! Great pic above – and no the soldier is not standing on his back! Look closer. (yes they are wearing socks, but that’s a purple mat…baby steps) This is straight from Army.mil so you know it’s serious. Not only is yoga now included in basic training, we’re seeing it [...]


It’s a fine, fine week for Yoga Heroes, and especially poignant for those in the military. We’ll tell you why… First! Let’s all meet the self-described Kung-Fu Panda! or as we’d like to refer to him, Special Officer Cares-A Lot! He may not rank high in the armed forces, but he’s aces in our book! [...]


We’re going to close the work week with one more story of love, compassion and ooey gooeyness. If you just can’t handle any more, please, we warn you, look away now and live in your joy. Still with us? OK, phew. As rumor has it, Philadelphia’s come to be known as the city of brotherly [...]