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“Our Lives Hang In The Balance” and “Bending Over Backward” read the signs of the peaceful yoga protesters on a mission to save Seneca Lake in upstate New York. Local law enforcement arrested 10 of these yogi protestors early Wednesday morning to the soundtrack of a lone cello player (it’s true, they had a cellist accompany [...]


A well-intentioned Hollywood yoga teacher aims to bring the community and law enforcement together in a public mindful meditation event. It’s all in response to the national unrest over police brutality and grand jury decisions not to indict cops in two different highly controversial cases. (If you don’t know by now that’s Mike Brown in [...]


Not all yoga flash mobs are created equal. When the Vancouver Aquarium  announced monthly yoga classes with the whales, local yogactivists mobilized to put a stop to it. About 20 people showed up last Thursday to protest the event holding signs reading “Yoga does not make whale jails okay!” and advocating ahimsa an compassion. “We’re protesting [...]


Protestors in Istanbul, Turkey have been occupying Gezi Park for six days now. To continue the peaceful demonstrations, yogis have joined the cause holding classes in the park. The mass media is finally catching up with them. Here’s footage from Taksim Square displaying about 100 people joining together in their yoga practice, a “new form [...]


Earlier this month, Yogis led by Off the Mat’s Seane Corn descended on #OccupyWallSt to demonstrate their support for “Love. Justice. Unity.” Other celebriyogs like Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra and yoga hootenannier Michael Franti joined the cause. Next Tuesday the Off the Mat team moves to #OccupyLA and they’ve recruited a slew of festival headlining yogis to [...]


The yogactivists have arrived to #OccupyWallSt! “My heart is open, my mouth is ready, the hair is big, and my friends are waiting. Got everything I need to join in and change the world!!!!!” Seane Corn announced Monday morning before leading approximately 100ish+ yoga folk and surrounding yogific protestors in a call to action. It [...]


We speculated and now it shall be! While Russell Simmons, Michael Franti and Deepak Chopra made the news and joined the efforts of #OccupyWallSt, we were curious if any and which yogis would throw down their mats in solidarity. Enter yogactivist Seane Corn! We shouldn’t be surprised that the empowered maven of yoga Off the [...]


More and more people are joining #OccupyWallSt now at Day 12, including yogis, and a celebriyogi leader, Russell Simmons. Sure there’s some controversy over whether or not yoga should mix with politics. Though, as we said in a previous statement, we view yoga in these cases as acts of community, not the yoga world uniting [...]


Oh no, we knew it was coming. The yoga pants backlash! What will Lululemon, Athleta and Abercrombie’s “perfect yoga butt” do now? Are yoga pants too revealing? Administrators at Loveland High School in OH say yes and have banned students from wearing them. According to the big bad school boards,  yoga pants fall under the [...]