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From our Yoga Can Help Everyone (No, Really) files comes this one about a famous Executive Chef working out the kitchen kinks with an Iyengar practice. Who knew hanging in Down Dog on the rope wall would help undo some of the stresses and tensions of a chef’s daily routine? (Shhh…we did.) “I’m standing in [...]

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Is yoga the key to keeping Silicon Valley sane and on the cutting edge of innovation? A growing number of startups have adopted the practice to relieve stress and boost productivity, and one entrepreneur says it “saved” his career, so…we’re leaning towards yeah, probably.


We already know yoga is a major perk at awesome companies, but it very well ought to be the cornerstone of office culture at a company called Asana. Need a coffee break? How about a few backbends to energize, instead. Chatting at the water cooler? Better be standing in the pose of the day! (Because [...]


A week or so ago before we posted an informal poll on twitter and facebook and asked, Does yoga help you do your job better? How? Since we’ve seen articles touting boosts in productivity, and there are so many lists telling you the top 10 reasons why this…, 5 ways to be that…blah blah yadda yadda, and we thought we’d post the answers and reasons we heard from YOU.


Yoga breaks have become the new coffee/cigarette breaks. Ellison encourages employees to take mini yoga timeouts throughout the day.


Just when Mashable is giving us ‘Rise of the Mobile Workforce’ infographics (oh you know how we love infographics!) where we’re shown how 3 of 5 workers say they don’t need to be in the office anymore to be productive, they turn around and tease us about how awesome it is to work at some [...]


Yoga, the new choice in hobnobbing! The New York Post has a piece on the practice of workplace yoga outings replacing a stereotypical round of golf, or brewskies, for intra-office pow-wowing. Cute! It’s wonderful to share yoga with others, and when it’s you and your co-workers, or BOSS, chillaxing (or sweating profusely?) together, that sounds like the perfect opportunity for brown-nosing, er bonding.


Or is that choose yoga, get smart? This month’s Wired magazine is all about boosting your brain power, and according to their research, practicing yoga not only makes you feel good, it can make you smarter! The focus on steady and deep breathing in yoga helps to keep a steady flow of vital oxygen to [...]