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Prison Yoga

Latest from the Yoga Crime Blotter: sigh.

Remember the 2010 Linda Dolloff trial where she, a Maine yoga teacher, was tried for the 2009 beating of her husband senseless with a bat while he was sleeping, breaking his nose and fracturing his skull, and then attempting to cover it up by shooting herself and staging a home invasion? How time flies.

On Tuesday, Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court unanimously rejected the appeal by the 51-year-old who claimed her 2010 trial was marred by the prosecutor misrepresenting facts and expressing personal opinions. Dolloff will continue serving her 16-year sentence. Her ex-husband, who still can not recall details of the incident, is not expected to fully recover from his injuries.


Korean yoga master Choi Gap-Bok made a daring escape from his detention cell in the city of Daegu on Monday. While being held in detention for suspicion of robbery, Gap-Bok took a leaf from Andy Dufrane’s book by using pillows to throw the guards off his scent and escaping to freedom through the cell’s food slot (see above photo).


Twenty-eight-year-old Vaughn Barnett from Colorado got lucky (enlightened?) yesterday when a judge handed him a sentencing break: just 30 more days in jail. His crime? Possessing 11 pounds of marijuana and attempting to mail it to a post office in Snowmass in 2010. His good behavior? Yoga.


News flash: Wesley Snipes, Hollywood actor who’s kung fu’d across the big screen is the same Wesley Snipes currently serving a 3 year sentence for tax evasion, is the same Wesley Snipes teaching yoga in the clinker to fellow jail mates. According to TMZ, so you know: … Snipes is teaching yoga to some of [...]


Not too long ago we saw Indian prisoners rewarded with early release for a regular incarcerated yoga practice. But now taxpayers in The UK are getting quite infuriated over footing the bill for life-sentence serving outlaws and criminals to find their inner chi.  Naturally, families of victims are even more aghast at the idea. “You [...]


Getting out on good behavior? Sure, we’ve heard of it. But who knew yoga would be the ticket to early release! Apparently that is just the case in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, where practicing yoga will cut down an inmate’s sentence 15 days for every 3 months they attempt the down dog (not [...]


Wake Correctional Center in Raleigh, NC has seen its share of repeat customers. Dr. Steven Landau teaches yoga at the all-male, minimum security prison to hopefully slow down that revolving door. In fact, he’s performed his own micro study showing that inmates who’ve  attended his yoga classes more than 4 times had an 8 percent [...]


The Prison Yoga discussion continues with CA still bickering over the $8 billion proposed for state prison overhaul, which we mentioned the other day. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown have lambasted effortsby J. Clark Kelso, the court-appointed overseer of prison healthcare, to spend $8 billion on a “gold-plated utopian hospital plan” [...]


Like us, at first thought you might assume yoga to be the perfect activity/treatment for the incarcerated. Hey we’ve never been to jail but we’ve see Shawshank Redemption! And can imagine it’s pretty stressful in there, being locked up and all. A little yoga would do just the trick to ease the angst and perhaps [...]