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Prison Yoga Project

March 6, 2015. It’s YD LOTW! Our semi-regular weekly post sharing all the linkies we might have missed or didn’t post about but are worth a mention. Check in every Friday for your weekly catch up. Sign up here for our weekly newsletter bringing you all the yogadorkiness straight to your inbox. Human man actor Chris Hemsworth [...]

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Not too long ago we saw Indian prisoners rewarded with early release for a regular incarcerated yoga practice. But now taxpayers in The UK are getting quite infuriated over footing the bill for life-sentence serving outlaws and criminals to find their inner chi.  Naturally, families of victims are even more aghast at the idea. “You [...]


Like us, at first thought you might assume yoga to be the perfect activity/treatment for the incarcerated. Hey we’ve never been to jail but we’ve see Shawshank Redemption! And can imagine it’s pretty stressful in there, being locked up and all. A little yoga would do just the trick to ease the angst and perhaps [...]