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President Bush

Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s November already? Feels like only yesterday we were sweatin our pants off about who wears what to yoga class. Oh wait, it kinda was yesterday! Anyway, we hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep on Saturday night because we bet you already forgot about it – ancient history! [...]


On this day of history and change, a last little jab of presidential yoga humor. From our favorite canine yogi, YogaDawg, read on for a letter of thanks from President Bush, the ever dutiful yogi decider. Martha Washington For EternallyBlissfulYoga Magazine In an exclusive to EternallyBlissfulYoga Magazine, a letter from President George Bush to Sri [...]


It’s no small coincidence these yoga figurines were designed by a man from Hummelstown, PA. “[Raymond] Fogleman, 43, started studying yoga 14 years ago and has been teaching full time since 2003. He got the idea for the statuettes after finding a toy soldier in a collection of toys three years ago. He realized that [...]

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