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Because what’s a week without Kardashian news! Kidding. While most of us may know her as Kim’s sister, while the rest of us don’t know her at all, Kourtney Kardashian is indeed a reality TV personality (Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim) and she is indeed pregnant. Also, she is a prenatal yoga momma! Or she was.


If for no reason other than an excuse to share a photo of the adorable, pregnant bellied actress and her cutie heart sunglasses. She had a rocky, raucous childhood and we’re pleased to see her maternal chill side. Also, we have a special place in our uterus for prenatal yoga and will shamelessly plug it. Special thanks to Drew’s unborn babe and her side-of-the-mouth lisp thing.


Hey mommas, good news! While it’s not so cheery that one in five pregnant women may experience major depression, it’s pretty wonderful news that yoga can help reduce the symptoms.


0-year-old British actress Sienna Miller, whom we’ve seen in movies (‘Alfie,’ ‘Factory Girl’) but perhaps know best from tabloid coverage of her romance and public fallout with fellow actor and yogi Jude Law, will try prenatal yoga, but damn it if you try to get her to stand up straight.


By Toni Nagy I am not a big fan of the term “natural childbirth.” It implies that other births are what? Not natural? Synthetic? Artificial? I think the term needs a re-branding so it doesn’t have that tinge of moral superiority. How about Old School birth? It’s fresh… it’s hip hop… the kids these days will [...]


by Toni Nagy Being pregnant is a lot like being the host of a colossal parasite that not only feeds off your blood but is also the cause of various voracious discomforts. Oh right, it is also magical, amazing, and the best thing that could have happened to you, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t [...]


This just in: Celebrities do yoga! They also get preggo. We know, it’s like we should be working for TMZ. Here is Lady January Jones, aka Mad Men‘s Betty Draper, all baby bump and yoga’d. Surely the first-time momma doesn’t need yogarazzi in her face, but since yoga studios are the paps’ new favorite hangout [...]


Cute! Even in socks and Crocs Alicia Silverstone is adorable! Yes, we said it. Spied recently by the yogarazzi post-yoga class in West Hollywood, Lady A is expecting her first babe with hubs Christopher Jarecki, and looking just about ready to pop. She’s all about the laid back yoga mama style, letting the belly dip, [...]


Celebriyogi Files: Alyssa Milano, a healthy baby mama celebriyogi! Milano, who can’t seem to shake her Who’s the Boss? ‘Samantha Micelli’ (but really, it’s a classic) is snapped preggo and post-yoga in Cali, where else! Alyssa, 38, all shiny and glowy, is expecting her first child with hubby David Bugliari, and according to gossip sources [...]

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