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Have you been pregnant? Have you practiced yoga while pregnant? Have you practiced yoga while hungry and pregnant? Sorry, that was redundant.


Jill, a yoga teacher from Texas, labored for 36 hours before her baby got stuck and had to be delivered by cesarean. “It was the only way he was coming out,” she tells me.


Recently, a study revealed that yoga is safe for pregnant women. The study was done on healthy women with low-risk pregnancies who practiced 26 yoga postures that were found in the end to have no negative effect on the mother or fetus. Pregnant women everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief


Are you a pregnant yogi? We’ve heard so much about yoga being good for pregnancy, but is it really, as in, scientifically proven to be safe for pregnancy? We don’t always need science to convince us of things we feel in our bodies, but then again it’s nice to have studies to support the gazillions [...]


Over my career I have worked with thousands of postpartum women who are chasing after the body they had pre-pregnancy. After one, two or several kids, a laundry list of body complaints plagues them

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Singer Kelly Rowland has kept her pregnancy fairly quiet and MAYBE that’s because she’s been meditating through most of it! OK, not exactly, but she is definitely enjoying some prenatal yoga and meditation, posting this lovely me-time photo on her facebook and instagram just under a month ago. According to Celeb Baby Watch aka People [...]


Quick, how many pregnant women does it take to break a yoga world record? If you said 500, you win! Where did this record-making yoga event take place? If you said China you get super extra bonus points. That’s right, 500 women who are preggers gathered together in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen to practice [...]


Let’s be honest, there’s hardly a news story in recent history involving actor Alec Baldwin without the words paparazzi, harassment and twitter. And we know that when it comes to supporting his new wife Hilaria and her yoga endeavors, it seems there’s nothing he won’t do. BUT, we’re pleased to see that Hilaria, a NYC [...]


It’s like you can’t go a day without tripping over another Playboy playmate doing yoga in the park, especially with all that bulky camera equipment. Yes, it’s Holly Madison, former Playboy bunny, ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, star of Vegas topless burlesque show “Peepshow” and she’s pregnant. In the park. Doing yoga. You know, like she does. And hey, we support prenatal yoga efforts.