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As many of you have undoubtedly heard, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used yogic alternate nostril breathing to help get over her electoral defeat. She’s been singing the praises of the ancient pranayama technique in her bestseller What Happened as well as on CNN.


How to recover from a virtually never ending presidential campaign? Try alternate nostril breathing. Yes, maybe we’ve been inundated with politics to the max lately, but we have to wonder how politicians, you know, the ones who live it every day, how to do they cope? Besides daily Twitter rant storms, of course. You may [...]


Ah, the sweet smell of burning herbs and sandalwood. It’s how you know the yoga’s nigh. But what if we told you that smoky aroma isn’t helping your pranayama, it may be causing respiratory issues and maybe even cancer? Yikes! We recently spotted this blog post warning us all about the hazards of inhaling the holy smokes that are prominent not just in yoga studios but in other sacred or religious institutions.


YogaDork Ed: Navigating Abhyasa and Vairagya, Practice and Letting Go (of Desires, too)


Inhale. Exhale. Hey stressballs! It’s easy to get wrapped up in everyone’s asana, but what’s really the link to stress relief and relaxation? Why, something so mundane every human being does it without even thinking: breathing! NPR has a story on just how important ‘being good’ at breathing is to your overall health and happiness. [...]


First off, happy Guru Purnima (Guru Full Moon)! Today’s the day in the Indian tradition to acknowledge and celebrate your Guru. As if you needed a certain day, you may take it upon yourself to show your teacher(s) your appreciation. Jai Guru. And so it is with gratitude and reverence that I relate to you [...]