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We’re not sure why the yoga world has an obsession with breaking world records, but it’s been done, with motorcycles, by pregnant ladies and now Portland, Oregon is on the map for hosting the world’s largest yoga chain. Dubbed “The Great Namaste” the event took place as part of the World Domination Summit 2014, a [...]


A woman in Portland was injured by a mirror crashing down on her in yoga class and now she’s suing the yoga studio and glass company who installed it.


Fat Yoga is going mobile and taking its mission to the interwebs near you. A new crowdfunding campaign is currently underway asking for your help to to bring Fat Yoga classes to all who may want them via the magic of internet videos. Because as hard as we try, we can’t all live in Portland! Fat [...]


Portland Yoga Studio, a division of The Montavilla Wellness Center in Portland, Oregon, announced recently that it’s decision to partner with Groupon is what ultimately led to the studio’s closing.

“When the founder’s circle promotion was cut short because of the last minute rush of Groupon activations,” says one source of the celebrated Portland studio, “I knew things would be tight in 2012, but I never thought it would come to this…”


And then there was Fat Yoga. It’s the name and the cause of a new studio in Portland, OR. (And Stumptown seriously only gets number 8 on the Top 10 Us Yoga Cities? pssht.) Yep, the studio is called Fat Yoga, and owner Anna Ipox is not shy about it. “I say I’m fat cause, guess [...]


It’s the Great American YogaDork Road Trip. We made it to the West Coast! First stop: Portland, Oregon. Thoughts? Super! Portland welcomed us yanks with open arms and espresso (these northwesterners are serious about their espresso. more on that later) Our first yoga stop was the lovely Bhaktishop in Portland’s southeast quarter. We took class [...]