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Pope Francis has caused quite a stir for being “liberal” on subjects the Catholic Church is traditionally conservative or silent about, like homosexuality and feminism. So commenting on yoga was the only obvious next step in his liberal agenda. But did he go ahead and diss it? In a January 9th Vatican Radio address, Pope [...]


Add this to the ‘Weird, what?’ file.

This just in: Yoga research found in Pope leaked documents scandal. Weird. What? The Vatican is embroiled in a scandal? We thought that was reserved for yoga! (sigh) So to catch you up on this papal scandalonious, Pope Benediect’s XVI butler Paolo Gabriele confessed to leaking official and private Pope-y documents to Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi “because he wanted to expose the ‘evil and corruption’ in the church to help put it back on the right path.” Jesus! As you can imagine the Vatican is not taking this kneeling down.

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With imminent space storms threatening our very existence, and of course the economic crisis being as crisisy as ever, how about some laughter yoga time! Please enjoy Celebrities On Invisible Bicycles! it’s pics of cruising celebrities with the bikes photoshopped out. OR gravity-defying interpretive dance. hey could also be awesome/funny with yoga props no? any [...]