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Police Yogis

A well-intentioned Hollywood yoga teacher aims to bring the community and law enforcement together in a public mindful meditation event. It’s all in response to the national unrest over police brutality and grand jury decisions not to indict cops in two different highly controversial cases. (If you don’t know by now that’s Mike Brown in [...]


The Police Academy in Dayton, Ohio are not your average cops in a doughnut shop lot. In fact, with their new yoga training you might catch them crushing crow pose before a krispy kreme. Seriously, though, police work can be highly stressful and when the chief decides it’s time to add another tool to your belt, you drop your dunkin and listen.


Oh, we’re sorry, were you looking for a manly man who does yoga? Does a burly police officer count? Des Moines, Iowa: Ryan Mann is a member of the local fuzz, keeping the bad boys (bad boys, whatcha gonna do) in line. He also practices AND teaches yoga while astoundingly retaining his manhood. His last [...]