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My husband’s shoulder started hurting him a few months ago. At first it would come and go. Then it started aching and burning at night, so much that he couldn’t sleep on his side.


One thing is for sure, if we just barrel through an overbearing work load with little attention to the subtleties of our experience, be it in a yoga class or life, there is simply no room to develop the capacity to know what we feel, much less chart our best course.


Got back pain? Get yoga. Or at least get to stretching. News this week is that the stretching aspect of yoga is helping folks relieve chronic lower back pain. The study conducted at Group Health Research Institute in Seattle involved 228 adults with persistant back pain, split up into 3 groups: one group had yoga weekly, [...]


By Jill Miller, Creator of Yoga Tune Up Pain, numbness, tingling? Do any of these describe the feelings you have when you come out of an asana? Please heed these warnings! Not all yoga poses are safe for all people. Just follow expert yoga teacher Patricia Sullivan’s story in the October 2010 issue of Yoga [...]


Good news all ye meditaters! Not only will you have a calmer, clearer mind, you’ll have less pain. Or so a study on the effects of meditation and pain relieving suggests. The study, conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, took 15 healthy volunteers completely new to meditation and had them attend [...]