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It’s just Pema Chödrön and Oprah chatting and chillaxing on a Sunday afternoon sipping from their coffee mugs like gal pals do. Pema was a recent guest on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” which is basically the Super Bowl for spirituality, where the two conversed about “what to do when your life falls apart,” “why fear is nothing [...]

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Meditation party with Oprah and Deepak. BYO_. Oprah Winfrey, fairy godmother of all things favorite and downward facing puppy lover, wants you to join her and new age bestie Deepak Chopra on a 3-week long meditation challenge. But don’t get too excited, there are no prizes given away here, you see, because the journey IS the [...]


Now that Oprah has left the building, the vast chasm remaining on daytime television is being felt. Wholeheartedly. We know you are pining away, wondering who will bring your attention to life’s quandaries, like how in the world did Jennifer Aniston put those doggies on a yoga mat? While we’re still holding our dorky breath [...]


So on Wednesday’s show, Jennifer Aniston gave Oprah a yoga mat with her puppies on it. aww. Happy Birthday Lady O! While we find the exchange quite sweet, albeit somewhat awkward (see video), Oprah and her staff of 378 were on a vegan challenge this week – one liberal hippie thing at a time eh? [...]


Behold! The movie poster for Eat, Pray Love! It’s the EAT part*…see? We’ve already watched the trailer for the flick, due for US release August 13th, so naturally, with summer ready to kickoff, and big contender in the empowered-ladies’ date night movie category Sex and the City 2 (cue “Single Ladies”) opening this week, it’s [...]


He is the handsome prince of health advice, Oprah’s darling and the master of his own very successful business with books, internets and TV shows galore! Oh and he’s also a surgeon. It’s Dr. Oz! Successful indeed, Dr. Mehmet Oz is largely responsible for making Americans aware of their diets, consumption and self-care on a [...]


Aw bummer…on a bit of a somber note this Monday March 8th , we bring you the news that the original “Richard From Texas” of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Eat, Pray, Love died suddenly in his sleep last Thursday. “He had just returned from a trip to India and passed away in his sleep,” friend Kimberley Stroup [...]