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Yesterday we were musing about lululemon‘s stronghold on the color red and ganking of the Olympic Spirit. Today we have the world yoga cup live on our internets! It’s the USA Yoga Asana Championship! And it’s kicked off the same day as the opening to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. A coincidence? Is it [...]


They call it “ambush” marketing… dun dun dunnn. With the 2010 Winter Olympics about kick off in Vancouver, naturally one would imagine the entire city is eagerly hoping to bank off all the surrounding hoopla. So exciting! But one biz in particular has caught major flack from pushing their “cheer” a bit too far. Yes, [...]


Two weeks ago we posed the precarious question: Competitive Yoga: Vicious or Vindicated? and more essentially “can you win at yoga?” And not surprisingly lots of YD readers piped up with a range of steamed and thoughtful opinions. But what we didn’t expect was a personal response from the blog at Bikram NYC! Yoga Lily [...]


UTC Quarterback Edges Out Competition with Yoga Junior quarterback, Tony Pastore, is vying against four other dudes for the starting position at University of Tennessee at Chatanooga, so basically he’s willing to try anything to give him an edge, even yoga. Since he lunged into his 4-class a week practice the man has lost 25 [...]


India Wins Big at the Oscars! Winning top awards in Best Director, Best Original Score AND Song, and the coveted Best Picture category, a total of 8 statues for the fantastic flick Slumdog Millionaire. In his acceptance speech for Best Sound Mixing, Resul Pookutty gave thanks, “I come from a country and a civilization that [...]


We know Sasha Cohen as the bubbly Olympic figure skater and star of 2006’s underrated Will Ferrell flick “Blades of Glory” ( we saw it at home and actually thought it was hilarious), and now we can add dedicated Yogi to the list. Thanks to mom Galina’s aches and pains (we guess?) Sasha was introduced [...]


On the opening day of the 2008 Olympic Games it seems only fitting to mention the continued dispute of whether or not yoga should be considered an olympic sport, or whether it’s a sport at all.