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The Police Academy in Dayton, Ohio are not your average cops in a doughnut shop lot. In fact, with their new yoga training you might catch them crushing crow pose before a krispy kreme. Seriously, though, police work can be highly stressful and when the chief decides it’s time to add another tool to your belt, you drop your dunkin and listen.


Er, maybe not what you thought?

Are you a man looking to get into yoga, but completely overwhelmed by all your athletic clothing options? Intimidated by too many women in class? Have no fear of all that stretchy lycra and female antagonism, gentlemen – Buck Harris is here for you, and he’s got the answer to your yoga clothes conundrum. Just don’t wear any! About the ladies, something tells us you boys weren’t interested in them much anyway. (There will be no boner jokes.)


“If you want to learn how to hate yoga, then open a yoga studio” is a quote that I read in the comments of a YogaDork post earlier this afternoon.

I closed my bootstrapping little space in the wilds of Cleveland’s west side in March.


Oh no, we knew it was coming. The yoga pants backlash! What will Lululemon, Athleta and Abercrombie’s “perfect yoga butt” do now? Are yoga pants too revealing? Administrators at Loveland High School in OH say yes and have banned students from wearing them. According to the big bad school boards,  yoga pants fall under the [...]