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Uh oh. Remember Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy? He’s not having a hard time reminding you. The inappropriate one is back with a ditzy diddy entitled video “Fit ‘N Ass.” Not exactly his funniest nor most solid work, but somehow those shiny blue spandex shorts never get old. What’s your take? Funny or flop? Here [...]


Uht oh, we smell trouble. Some of you may recall the sleaziest, and let’s face it, one of the dimmest of yogs we’ve seen, Mr. Ogden: the Inappropriate Yoga Guy. He was an internet sensation on the youtube, and Yoga Journal snapped him up to be “guest editor” in their humorous online video series, which [...]


Is there an IMDB for advertisements we don’t know about? IADB? Come on, who’s the slacker? Anyway, there we were last night snarfing our guilty pleasures (chocolate and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ – premiere!) when all of a sudden we see Ogden! But he’s not, the ‘Inappropriate Yoga Guy‘, he’s the Inappropriate Burrito-eating [...]


Yogadorks…meet your new Yoga Journal Guest Editor, Ogden! The Inappropriate Yoga Guy! Says Patricia Fox, Yoga Journal’s General Manager, “It’s no secret that in this economy, magazines have taken a hit. We are certain that Ogden’s unique character and consistent record of thinking outside the box will not only increase revenue, but also bring tens [...]


Although we’ve never had sweet nothings whispered in our ear during down dog (in fact no one even talks at all during the classes we attend), we have had encounters, and observations of, the  “Inappropriate Yoga Guy,” and some lamo date-tastic attempts in the yoga studio, by guys and gals alike. Hell, it’s not a bad place [...]

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