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Off the Mat

This past Saturday, yogis, bloggers and Lululemon executives came together to talk leadership, social responsibility and major public f*ck ups (there are many) in front of a group of 100-ish select attendees at the Yoga Journal Conference in NYC. (We say select because we signed up over two weeks in advance and never heard a [...]


So, you might have caught wind of some kind of election thing going on tomorrow. If you’re a citizen of the United States of America we hope you will exercise your right to vote because it’s kind of a big deal. And pardon the phrase in light of recent events, but it’s probably going to be a real shitstorm, so get your little yogasana in there and let your voice and your choice be heard!

Some yoga writers would say that’s not good enough. A few have put out the call for yogis to “shelve both idealism and politeness” and “stand up and endorse Obama” to “weave our politics and practice into a bright braid of passion,” demanding proper progressiveness and tossing criticism at those remaining mum, as well as the most politically vocal yoga organization out there, Off the Mat, for their “political neutrality.” (See OTM at the DNC and RNC).


Oh, politics. Though we practice finding balance in yoga, we still can’t escape them! Should we? The Huffington Post and Off The Mat thought it a good idea to have the two collide.

If you haven’t heard, the Huffington Post and yoga activism organization Off The Mat collaborated last week to bring yoga, meditation, massages and healthy eats to the Republican National Convention in a space they called the Oasis (which, it should be noted, was also open to the public; if you could get past security, of course). Since then, the internets have been swirling with responses ranging from the casual eyeroll to frustration and outright disgust.


Attending the Republican National Convention sounds like an exhausting and intense gig. The Huffington Post must have anticipated that when they set up their ‘Oasis’ down in Tampa offering free “yoga classes, massages, mini-facials, makeup refreshes, sleep consultations, meditation and healthy snacks.” But the HuffPo’s yoga haven made news yesterday and not for good reasons.


Are you one to mix your activism cocktails with a dash of yoga? Do you think politics could use more yoga? Off the Mat wants to know. The organization known for bringing yoga outside the safety of a studio onto the streets and into the world (sometimes third) is getting ready to kick off their Yoga Votes campaign 2012. But first they want to know if any of you give a flying farkle.


January 2012 is Yoga Freedom Month. Did you know? The yoga community has come together in unity in the past to support varying causes from cancer cures to rebuilding Haiti. Yoga Freedom Project, a new organization co-created by Off the Mat NYC leader Heather Snyder, is on a mission to unite the yoga community to help put an end to sex trafficking.

Read on to learn more from Heather about the cause and what we as a community can do about the issue of sex trafficking. In NYC? Come out for the big event on the 31st! Maybe we’ll see you there.


Yogis found their heartspace and practiced their yoga on the steps of city hall, Tuesday November 1st, as part of the #OccupyLA movement. A list of big names who showed up, along with 100 other yogis on mats (NYC was too crowded), included Ashley Turner, Kia Miller, James Brown, Saul David Raye, Mia Togo, Ally Hamilton, Brock Cahill, Vytas [...]


Earlier this month, Yogis led by Off the Mat’s Seane Corn descended on #OccupyWallSt to demonstrate their support for “Love. Justice. Unity.” Other celebriyogs like Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra and yoga hootenannier Michael Franti joined the cause. Next Tuesday the Off the Mat team moves to #OccupyLA and they’ve recruited a slew of festival headlining yogis to [...]


The yogactivists have arrived to #OccupyWallSt! “My heart is open, my mouth is ready, the hair is big, and my friends are waiting. Got everything I need to join in and change the world!!!!!” Seane Corn announced Monday morning before leading approximately 100ish+ yoga folk and surrounding yogific protestors in a call to action. It [...]