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Taking a tip from Octomom? Being Jon Gosselin is stressful! What with all that reality show stardom, baby momma drama, oh and EIGHT babies! It’s only natural Jon would take to the calming effects of yoga. Or so says Us Weekly Magazine, and they have the *exclusive* photo op to prove it! Gosselin admitted Oct. [...]


Oh, you knew this was coming. We glimpsed a photo of Ms. Nadya Suleman in the latest issue of Us weekly (we’re not ashamed) clad in workout clothes performing a little side bend action and thought, oh boy she’s “fit” now and we bet yoga is the culprit. Why? Because yoga’s all the rage! get [...]


OctoMom Pics are HUGE on the internet: Oh for crying out loud…x8! Have you ever wondered what it looks like to be pregnant with 8 babies?All we can think while we’re squirming in our chair is OUCH! [TMZ via Buzzfeed] How to Blow Your Nose: Since we’re little babies we’ve been given the tissue to [...]