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Greetings fine American Yogis with the self-empowered right to vote! Did you know it’s an election year? What were you planning to do with that $20 in your pocket? Buy a chai and acai berry bowl? We have another idea. – Obama Campaign Management


We all know Russell Simmons, right? Our favorite Celebriyogi! A hippity-hopper to the stars, you may have noticed Russell is of the political activism persuasion as well. Yoga Journal‘s Buzz Blog alerted us to Mr. Simmons’ latest freedom of speech demonstration on a politico.com podcast, where he makes up suggests that “[Obama]’s an inspiration to [...]


Stop the presses! Lululemon Flatiron IS Lululemon Union Square. Is STILL exploiting President Obama, now with the help of First Lady Michelle! Blast! Wouldn’t you know those sneaky goalsetters at Lululemon have pulled a fast one. It’s true, they’ve gone ahead and shuttered the Flatiron store in light of the finally unleashed Union Square outpost [...]


OK, we know we’ve been on the Lululemon beat quite a bit this week, but we are a yoga blog afterall, (and dorks!) so here we go… A window display in the Oak Brook Center, a mall in the suburb of Chicago, is turning some heads and drawing customer comments in the form of praise [...]


UPDATED 1/22/09 This is Lululemon’s kinda cute, rather creepy “Ombama” ad currently featured on the back cover of the Jan/Feb issue of Yoga Journal. Something about it just weirds us out. Their explanation: “Yoga brings about transformation and change, just as a new president does. :) ” lululemon flickr Except Obama isn’t a yogi as [...]