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It’s that time…Happy Solstice yogsters and yogurts! NYC is back to celebrate the longest day of the year by filing into one of the most crowded intersections of the world to salute the sun. It’s Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square and we’ve got your live stream right here starting at 5:25am eastern. If you’re [...]


When it comes to clever marketing campaigns, flash mobs are one way, outside of a glass box on wheels, to grab some extra attention. For some reason in NYC a bunch of people gathering together to do one particular thing is still cause for a scene.  Tonight, June 5, at 7:30pm a downtown yoga studio [...]

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It’s baaaaack. Yoga in Times Square for Summer Solstice 2014…so close, yet so far away.


Another one bites the dust. As New York City’s yoga studio landscape continues to expand, longstanding studios are feeling the pinch. Elena Brower’s NYC yoga studio, Virayoga, announced earlier today it will be shutting its doors at the end of June after more than 12 years. The announcement came via facebook and a newsletter sent out to [...]


YES. In a moment of sheer “only in New York” ness, local stunt comedian known as “The Fat Jew” took to NYC’s steamy subways this summer for some hot yoga! If you’ve ever experienced the extreme heat and rainforest rivaling humidity of the subway platform during the sweltering summer, then you know the conditions are [...]


This Halloween, Hurricane Sandy flew in on her broomstick like the wicked witch of the weather and swept through the Eastern seaboard knocking out houses, cars, trees and anything else in her path causing flooding, destruction and loss of power leaving many stuck at home in the dark, or for some, without homes. While the effects have been devastating, the show of supportive efforts from the community and people banding together to help each other out has been overwhelming. If you’re wondering how you can do your part we’ve put a list together from a few sources so locals and those outside


Is yoga fitness? Should it be taxed as so? Will practitioners have to pay for it? These are questions on New York studio owners’ minds lately. For years yoga has slid by without paying NY sales tax. That changed last April when the New York Department of Taxation and Finance ruled to include yoga studios in the category of businesses based around fitness rather than movement spaces (dance studios aren’t taxed). Since then, yoga studios have been getting audited across the city and the tax man is coming to collect, which could slam some and bankrupt others.


Originally published on YogaCityNYC Disclaimer: This new studio is near and dear to YD’s heart and we believe in its mission. Come down for a class. You may even spy a yogadork mulling about and/or teaching classes. wink, nudge. A new studio blooms in Union Square. New York City is becoming a yogi’s paradise and [...]


When the market plummeted and the Recession struck, many turned to Recession Yoga – paid, by donation or free classes. Yep, yoga! From stressed out stock brokers to the recently unemployed to high-powered CEOs faced with pulling their companies from the brink people turned inward. Oh yes, it was the worst of times, it was [...]

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