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If you’re having a bad day, read this. Or maybe you just need a good chuckle. Honestly, we don’t know how anyone lives their days without humor, but we do know that not everyone inserts humor into their yoga classes. This is not Ronnie Arond. In fact, she insists on making you smile. “If I [...]


Speaking of defying “yoga body” stereotypes. Meet Phyllis Sues. At 85 she walked into her first yoga class and it changed her life. At 92 she’s got us so inspired we feel like dancing the tango. (More on that later!) Phyllis Sues, born April 4, 1923, got the dance bug early. Before she was 20, [...]


We are straight up inspired by this woman. Tao Porchon-Lynch is the kind of person we wish was our cool auntie Tao who tells inspiring stories of the days she marched with Gandhi, or what it was like in Hollywood in the 50s, or how she just won a ballroom dancing competition at the ripe [...]


In case you needed even more inspiration for your week, here’s 99-year-old Meta Monteleon from Macon, GA who enjoys staying young with her regular yoga practice. She hearts it so much her yoga pals threw her a yoga birthday party. Don’t worry, there was cake, too! Lady Meta does her yoga in a chair and [...]

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We’ve written plenty about Tao Porchon-Lynch, and there’s no dearth of coverage of the 94-year-young yogini dynamo, but we can’t help sharing more when we see it. A practitioner of yoga for 7 decades (70 years of yoga!) having practiced with some of the founders of modern yoga (BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois), and a teacher [...]


We’ll come right out and say it. We’re of the walking lot and we don’t run races. Heck, let’s be honest, we don’t run at all unless we’re late to yoga class. Bill Gaudette has lived 92 years and he just finished a 10K charity race with a smile on his face in a reported [...]


These kinds of stories make our little hearts do a hop, skip and a beat. And they say yoga isn’t cardio. Fran Miller is about to turn 91 years old and she will likely celebrate it with her regular routine of teaching three yoga classes a week in the San Fernando Valley, because she’s an [...]


We love Ida! Now this nonagenarian stuff is getting real, and it’s awesome to the 90th degree. First it was Bernice Bates, then it was Tao Porchon-Lynch, then Mabes and Esther and now it’s 96-year-old Ida Herbert declared the oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness World Records.

Ida is a Toronto native who started doing yoga back in the late 1940’s at a health club and has been teaching the practice for almost 30 years. She retired last year from her YMCA gig and focuses now on the spry students of the Bayshore Village area near Orillia, Ont. ranging in age from 50s to their 80s. You may even be lucky enough to spot her doing her own practice in the park decked out in leotard, tights and signature cat-eye glasses.


The spry nonagenarian yogis are coming out of the woodwork! Meet Esther Vexler, “the grandmother of yoga in San Antonio.”

Inspiration is everywhere, if you just look for it. We’re inspired today by 94-year-old Esther who discovered yoga in the 1950s in Mexico City and began teaching it to San Antonians in the 1960s.