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Click to enlarge. We have the ESPN doing yoga on NFL Countdown, and many other football players enjoying the benefits yoga, including last year’s Super Bowl opponents the Giants and the Patriots, both into yoga. How do this year’s Super Bowl XVLII stack up? Admittedly, we’re not huge football buffs, but we may place our [...]


Brian Jennings is a 36 year-old football player for the San Francisco 49ers. A 12 year NFL veteran, he’s everything you would expect – big, beefy, a certified yoga instructor…

Ok, maybe he’s not exactly the norm. But no doubt fellow ballers would benefit from listening to his practical beliefs on his practices. In addition to yoga, Jennings also includes massages, chiropractic care, Chinese herbs and acupuncture in what he calls his “wellness lifestyle.”

Jennings says, “I do a lot of things that are considered alternative. It’s probably unusual being in a self-destructive business.”


So. Hm. What we have here is what we assume are football fans (some out of shape dudes and a couple of ladies) gearing up for the season, more particularly ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, doing oddly inspired poses (Tebow-asana?) led by well-known sportscasters (Mike Ditka, Chris Berman, Cris Carter, Tom Jackson) on their very own astroturf yoga mats on what appears to be a beach on a tropical paradise.

Yep. No idea, but somehow we dig. Eat your heart out, NBA.


And now the latest in Yoga in Sports, aka Yoga isn’t Wussy, aka Yoga is for Everyone News: Heard rumors about yoga in the NFL? It’s true! And it’s not girly, nor wussy, nor somehow demasculinizing. Maybe some of us knew that already, but for the rest of us it can’t hurt to be reminded, [...]