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New York

If you’re flying out of JFK Airport this week and happen to be on JetBlue, you’re in for a yoga treat. Over the next couple of days, the blue ones are offering some free yoga classes to ticketed guests at their very hip Terminal T5 (so hip they have a farm there and a rooftop terrace…and blue [...]

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Salty dog gets a whole new meaning. Say hello to halotherapy, the latest trend in yoga. No, it’s nothing to do with angels, but for allergy sufferers, it’s touted to be heavenly. Halotherapy, which is the fancy name for salt therapy (halos means salt in Greek, by the way), is actually pretty old, like millenia [...]

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Thousands of yoga folk flooded the epicenter of Manhattan yesterday for the 10th annual “Solstice in Times Square.” According to organizers, approxiately 14,000 people signed up for the four free classes throughout the day, which turned out to be four sessions of hot yoga due to the present heat wave. Hydrate! The event was presented [...]


Some of you may be aware of Yoga for NY and the battle they fought two years ago (and won) against NY State over licensing fees. They organized to rally against government regulation but have stayed united as an organization ever since. A few weeks ago, YFNY came together again to discuss recent legal challenges, predominantly, the sales tax issue, that isn’t only affecting NY but other states and studios across the country.


YogaDork and J.T. Liss (Photography For Social Change) recently went on a two week long west coast adventure of yoga, nature, and the human experience. 15 cities, 5 states, and over 5,000 miles were traveled. J.T. took the photos, YD captured the journey in words. Upon our return to New York City we discussed the [...]


It’s when yogis get locked into the museum after hours and all the animals and exhibits come to life and wreak harmony in artifactual yoga! Just kidding. It’s yoga at some of the coolest museums in the country led by some of the name-droppingest yoga teachers of today. Hosted by none other than Flavorpill, the [...]


DAVID LIFE, 61 “Tattoos mark a moment in time you want to give credit to,” said Mr. Life, a Lower East Side resident since 1979 and a co-founder of the international Jivamukti Yoga School. And some of us are inclined to wear our yoga on our sleeves. Sleeve tattoos, that is. The New York Times, [...]


Oh my. It’s citta vritti gone wild! It’s the fluctuations of your mind represented by a bunch of “reckless assholes” at a single intersection of New York City. Whether you live in the big apple or not, it’s difficult to fully appreciate and comprehend the daily dance that is the flow of traffic in NYC [...]

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Our latest article for YogaCityNYC: So it goes with many a great relationship, when sheen starts to lose luster, and that dreaded shroud of doubt creeps in. A woeful, ‘We just don’t talk anymore’ leads to ‘Where has the romance gone?’ to a resentful ‘You only love me for my money!’ No, we’re not lamenting [...]