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This New York Times profile on Chip Wilson may be more character-revealing of the man, the myth, the Lululemon, than the sheer yoga pants his company sold to thousands of women that set off a cascade of company missteps and public uproar. But were they missteps or did it just take see-through pants to open [...]


Some of you have already heard of this guy, maybe read about the girl in the red dress or have seen his latest photo feature now on The New York Times blog. That’s one thing we can count on in The Gray Lady, they tend to do a bang up job on the yoga art [...]


Hey you, yeah you. Want to know what all the cool kids are doing? It’s totally trippy and will leave you feeling light, calm and like so chillled out man. It’ll totally blow your mind. Thanks for tolerating our cheezy hand at creepy meditation pusher talk. As it turns out, we don’t even have to [...]


We’ve posted a few early reviews by the yoga community, and last week YD contributor Roseanne from It’s All Yoga, Baby interviewed author William J Broad about his shri-stirring book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards.


Just for good measure, CNN takes on yogagate with their own redundant response to the hubbub over The New York Times “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” (which we all know is part of a book, yes?) complete with frustrated yoga teacher, dramatic voice-overs and menacing words in quotes (see below, and above).


Well then, there’s certainly been quite a bit of fuss lately over egos and yogis and injuries, oh my. The article [How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body] that seriously rocked the shiva shakti boat so much that responses have been pouring out of the yoga woodwork all week, is still seeing some rippling effects even from the Old Grey Lady itself.


There’s been such a barrage of responses from the yoga community over that article, that the New York Times took it upon themselves to host their own debate. (perhaps to quell the flood of letters to the editor?) Is it tiresome? Yes. Should we still participate? We’re still here, aren’t we? The annoying part is that they headlined the debate: Me, Myself and Yoga – Is Yoga For Narcissists? Really NYT?


Iyengar’s Roger Cole, Ashtanga’s Eddie Stern, and Others Including Medical Professionals Weigh In With much ado and uproar over the latest Times article entitled ‘How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body‘ (actually an excerpt from a new book by science writer William J. Broad) reactions have ranged from cautionary told-you-so’s to frustration over facts to mixed feelings of [...]


DAVID LIFE, 61 “Tattoos mark a moment in time you want to give credit to,” said Mr. Life, a Lower East Side resident since 1979 and a co-founder of the international Jivamukti Yoga School. And some of us are inclined to wear our yoga on our sleeves. Sleeve tattoos, that is. The New York Times, [...]