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New York Magazine

New York Magazine has had its share of yoga coverage, being the hip NY culture mag it is, but the latest profile on yoga teacher David Regelin, amidst the NYT yoga-wreckgate, is like pouring citrus cayenne detox cleanse on already open and sore wounds. The article “You Call That a Tree Pose?!” focuses on Regelin, [...]


To hell with convention, New York Magazine has a feature this week on all the bent up, twisted out yoga trends happening in this fabulous Big Apple-asana. Some include newfangled toys like hoops, slack-lines, poles and whatchamacallit apparatus. Scroll down for more. Adi Carter, slack-line yoga instructor for Yoga Slackers (yogaslackers.com) “You feel the Upavishta [...]


Yoga: it’s big news! (for yuppies! oh we kid. we meant yippies) This bright Monday morning (afternoon?) brings us not one but TWO profiles on our favorite goal-setting stretchy pants company, Lululemon (NYMag, NYTimes) (and quite frankly we were offended neither one asked for our input). There’s not much said we didn’t know before, but [...]


This week’s issue of New York Magazine recognizes the life, and primarily the legacy of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, in his success in helping to lead yoga, “the once-exotic discipline” to “nearly as mainstream as jogging” in the US.