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New Years

Happy 2011! We made it! Read this yogadork’s tale of victory over 108 New Year’s Day Sun Salutations. Full post featured at YogaCityNYC: Why do 108 Sun Salutations on January 1st, the day after one of the biggest celebratory nights of the year? The challenge! Yes, of course! If you can last through 108 rounds [...]


And now….New Years traditions and reflections by the one and only sirsa queen, the gracious and inspiring yogacrone, Cora Wen! Do You Believe in Magic? Standing in the Full Blue Moonlight Oak Moon, Bitter Moon, Snow Moon, Long Night Moon, Cold Moon, Rain and Wind Moon – these are some traditional names given to the [...]


After a night of celebrating and ringing in the new year, your hardworking bod could probably use some healthy wringing out, no? Well here are some NYC events to kick off the next decade in yogadork style. Happy joy! Happy 2010! What: Sadie Nardini’s hosting a 2 hour Core Strength Vinyasa New Year’s Revolution workshop [...]

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