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Neal Pollack

“For decades, I hated my body. I didn’t understand how it worked. It seemed to be actively conspiring against my happiness, existing in total disconnect from my mind.” Neal Pollack is not only a talented storyteller covering the seedy underbelly of the yoga murder beat, or even an egghead(stand)ed three-time Jeopardy! champion who gave us [...]


What’s it like to be a smartypants yogi on the 30th anniversary season of Jeopardy!? We checked in with author/yoga teacher/punk rocker/three-time Jeopardy! champion Neal Pollack to find out. Today’s foremost yoga murder mystery writer is now a three-time champion and new official Jeopardy! Hall Of Famer – one of only 300 or so contestants in the [...]


The following is an excerpt from Neal Pollack’s Open Your Heart (A Matt Bolster Yoga Mystery), a serialized yoga detective murder mystery novel available exclusively on Amazon.com, and his second work in the genre after Downward-Facing Death.  ~ At sunrise on Monday, Rogelio Suarez found the millionaire’s head wrapped in a yoga mat. Rogelio, the gardener, [...]


By Neal Pollack For years, the only time my son showed any interest in yoga was when he wanted something from me. Then he’d say, “dad, teach me yoga.” So we’d run through a sun salutation or two and then do about 30 seconds of quiet meditation, at which point he figured he’d earned his [...]


Trouble deciphering your peaceful warrior from your skeptic-asana? We hear you. The “yogic vs. unyogic” debate gets a lot of mileage around these parts, and often it ends up being a personal battle many have with their own yamas, niyamas and yo mamas. Can I practice yoga and still laugh at Family Guy? Which is why we totally appreciate this latest offering from true YogaDork and author Neal Pollack on his grappling with yogi-hippiedom and his inherent inclination toward sarcastic rebellion.


Impromptu Yoga Dude Week continues! From our resident Yoga Dude himself, Neal Pollack, a response to Bikram Choudhury: Cult Rock Star, Yogapreneur, Magic Genie Sex Machine, and the media’s overt obsession with yoga-as-sex-orgy scandalocity. “The author manages to combine the sex and the Stupid Body Tricks into a pungent men’s magazine dream-stew of yoga quasi-libel. [...]


Once the author dude notorious for cynical wit and public displays of toxin-fueled cockiness, Neal Pollack can now be known as the author dude with cynical wit, a calmer mind, and a tendency to stand on his head and quote the Buddha. It’s the new and improved Neal Pollack, the yoga dude! But, don’t worry, [...]


Can you believe it’s almost the end of unofficial summer? It’s back to school time already! Well we can’t provide you with a new pair of shoes for your first day, or you know, for work or whatever you do, but hey we can help you with your back to school book list. Everybody needs [...]


Neal Pollack is a YogaDork! He’s also a novelist, a journalist and more recently a self-proclaimed “hot jew of the yoga generation.” He’s a funny guy. Maybe best known for his days as an unwieldy and intoxicated narcissistic satirist, Neal’s rising star hit the skidless sticky mat of life, if you will, because of those [...]