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Namaste Book Club

It’s the end of the first week of “unofficial” summer, and the close of our concurrently titled ‘Relax! It’s (almost) Summer’ series of giveaways. Hope you haven’t overloaded that beach reading list yet, because we’ve got one more book to add to the stack! We yogadorks are thrilled to be able to give away TWO [...]


Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Namaste Book Club meditation challenge! And a very special word of gratitude to those who contributed thoughts and reflections from their own experience with taking time out to meditate each day from Sept 10-Oct 10. And now that the month is up, the moment you’ve been waiting for… we have [...]


If you haven’t noticed we yogadorks are huge fans of the Namaste Book Club! And so we are super thrilled to be a part of their great meditation challenge, ‘Meditate on This’, a month-long journey through daily meditation practice. Without too much YD yapping, we’ll just let Namaste Book Club founders, the fabulous Nancy Alder [...]


[We are so pleased to bring you our first book review! And overjoyed to introduce our guest reviewer: madame yogini, supermom of the Northeast, proud supporter of yoga as her bailout, the one and only Nancy Alder! Some of you may know her as @yoga_mydrishti. She’s also co-founder of the Namaste Book Club (with Jenny [...]


Ever get a hankering for more yoga knowledge, but discouraged by the idea that you’d be learning all by your lonesome? Fear not! Newfangled technology called the internets is in cahoots with the inspiring ingenuity of a few stellar individuals to come to your rescue! And so it was named the Namaste Book Club. The [...]

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