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This just in: New Yorkers are running out of room to practice their yoga – they’ve taken to the rooftops! Apparently they’re running out of clothing as well if this man doing his yoga practice on the roof of a building in nothing more than a thong is any indication. It’s spacious, it’s dangerous, it’s the [...]

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There’s naked yoga, like the classes and stuff, and then there’s naked yoga, like these photos of Ukrainian model Luba Shumeyko shot by her XXX photographer husband Petter Hegre. Can we handle it all? For those already fine with saving money on yoga pants by not wearing any, this may come as less of a shock [...]


Because how much can you know about yourself if you don’t know yourself naked in triangle pose, are we right? New Yorkers Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner want us all to realize our naked truths and know who we truly are. They can’t understand why nudity is still taboo and people won’t accept our natural, birthday-suited [...]


Er, maybe not what you thought?

Are you a man looking to get into yoga, but completely overwhelmed by all your athletic clothing options? Intimidated by too many women in class? Have no fear of all that stretchy lycra and female antagonism, gentlemen – Buck Harris is here for you, and he’s got the answer to your yoga clothes conundrum. Just don’t wear any! About the ladies, something tells us you boys weren’t interested in them much anyway. (There will be no boner jokes.)


Lady loses her top to prove her point. Yogis lose their patience. Who comes out on top on the topless issue?

Topless activist Moira Johnston can be seen strolling the streets of the East Village or perusing the veggies at Union Square’s Green Market completely topless. No it is not a crime.


Now we may be the first to get our panties in a twist in the bare bootie convo, but this is different. Quite literally every newsie blog we saw last week [NYMag, Gawker, HuffPo to name a few] blasted a story last week about Naked Space in Brooklyn and their no ladies allowed, this is a boys-only no-girl-cooties yoga rules. No we do not think dudes getting naked to do yoga together and letting their wangs fly freely in the downwind is news. Nor is it really a big deal ladies aren’t invited. Though they’re usually not banned, how may men are asked to attend Shakti Moon Circles?


In all this nakedness, lest we forget who’s selling what. Do you buy it?

There’s been a lot of commotion over Equinox’s sexy yoga ad featuring the talented Briohny Smyth. Not shy of controversy herself or getting paid for baring her yoga-toned body in an ad, prominent and pretty yogi Kathryn Budig offers another point of view, via HuffPo – that not of the advertiser, but of the subject.


Are you keeping up with the Kardashians? Because, who isn’t? If you were upset over the shortest marriage ever, and the subsequent divorce between NBA bro Kris Humphries and “celebriyogi” Kim Kardashian, then you might want to grab your zafu and sit down for this one. Last night’s premiere of “Kourtney & Kim Take New [...]


Yowsers no trousers! Hey Maroon 5 fans, or man fans for that matter, lead singer Adam Levine wants to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers and will bear his naked bod to do so! The Maroon 5 frontman teamed up with Everyman, a Brit org campaigning to stamp out male cancer. Photos are featured [...]