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Here’s a new one for you – yoga for opera singerrrrs! (we’re working on the vibrato). Opera divas: now with more to sing about, flaunt, stomp their feet in a huff over, and other caricature diva-ish things. Opera students at the University of Minnesota Duluth are getting a lesson in core strength and breathing exercises [...]


It’s April 1st, do we even know what’s real anymore?!? *exasperated breath* When we first heard about Mobile Yoga (yoga on rollerblades!) we were all like wha? stop yankin our yoga straps! Newsflash: it’s not a joke! So it really doesn’t behoove them to officially launch the Mobile Yoga campaign (again, yoga on rollerblades!) on [...]


Room service! Would you like a side of vasithasana with your vichyssois? Last week we cracked up at the idea of in-room bed warmers – live people in special suits?! So would it really be so bizarre for hotels to offer in-room private yoga as a standard amenity? We say no! And may we also [...]


We know some yogsters are gonna LOVE this and some are going to freak right out. Remember Rollerblades? They were all the rage back in the days of cutoffs and poofy hairsprayed bangs. These days ‘in-line skating’ ranks among the list of extreme sports, but the actual ‘Rollerblade‘ brand hasn’t seen a great spin of [...]


Here’s a question for you, is World Laughter Day still funny the day after? As the NY Daily News points out there’s much to NOT laugh about: like recession, swine flu, and RAIN. Good grief! But even stone-faced NYers made their way out to crack a smile and a few ribs in Central Park yesterday [...]

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For the most part we’ve refrained from comment on the whole Doga thing. Hey we think it’s pretty adorable and probably therapeutic for either companion, but it strikes us as a little kooky (we’re not the only ones, look at that little pup’s mug- we don’t know what he’s thinking but it sure doesn’t look [...]


Art Museums have always given us a sort of ethereal feel, being amidst the hard work and multitude of stories and history soaked into the canvas, it’s kind of like stepping into a thousand artsy brains in a time warp. (Far out, we know). Art is a transformative medium, one that is both reflective of [...]

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