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In between car commercials and the sport-like ritual of ball tossing and tackling, the deep rumble of Jeff Bridges bellowing out an “Ommmmmm” caught us completely off guard. You, too? Is that really Mr. Bridges soothing and Om-ing someone to sleep bedside whilst stirring a singing bowl? We wondered. Why, yes, yes it is! But…? [...]


Silent music to your ears? The Gods of yoga and opera have joined together for a match made in “an inner journey of mindfulness, with periods of meditation, rest, communal eating and a gentle yoga session” heaven. As part of the four-hour long performance (note: that’s really long, even for an opera) audience members will be [...]


Yoga and black metal music join forces in the underworld, aka Texas. Instead of flowers and lavender, students are met with candles and skulls and a yoga teacher wearing satanic robes. Black Yoga is the brainchild of dark forces guide Amy Patton who developed her black metal soundtracked classes to appeal to people who aren’t into [...]


In case the marathon playlist of XX’s “Intro” is no longer cutting it, you can now listen to yoga-fied versions of your favorite Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and Slipknot songs. System of a Down? A Perfect Circle? Madonna? Yoga Pop Ups has them all. And when we say them all, we mean everything from your [...]


ASCAP Targets Yoga Studios for Royalties


You know we can’t resist a good Yoga Pop moment. Last night’s “The Voice” had pop diva Christina Aguilera imparting some expert wisdom on her singing team, bringing them along to yoga class to open them up and release “stagnant energy.”


Everyone’s favorite British pop star and  Taylor Swift Ex , Harry Styles, has started practicing yoga despite his doctor’s advice to take up ballet. That rebellious rapscallion! We’re not sure why ballet would be an option for a back problem, but we’re glad the 19-year-old One Direction star took upon himself to write his own [...]


If you’re the kind of music fan who still needs sex and drugs with your rock ‘n’ roll, My Morning Jacket’s new resort-centered yoga-fied rock festival may not be for you. Their new One Big Holiday 5-day event, billed as “an all-inclusive musical adventure” will be held January 26-30, 2014 at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera [...]

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We were very sad to hear of rock legend Lou Reed’s passing, Rolling Stone reported earlier today. He was 71. Surely we all have different memories and stories involving Lou Reed’s music, some of the better known greats being “Perfect Day,” “Walk on the Wild Side,” and “Sunday Morning,” “Sweet Jane,” and “I’m Waiting for the [...]