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Monthly Challenge

Hey, Happy Groundhog Day! Is it still winter? Time for spring? We need to know! OK, we don’t need to know. After all it seems lately the seasons have just been mixin’ it up on us anyhow! Pranksters. Still, like every G-Day we celebrated with our favorite scenes from the Bill Murray flick (w/ co-star [...]


Well here we are in February, a whole new month! And you know what that means.. new challenge for the lulu lollies! Feb happens to be Black History Month and after January’s malappropriate foray into the political  forum and the subsequent debacle, we’re relieved, yet surprised, the luluheads steered clear of further social and racial [...]

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Lululemon is threatening us with a new challenge for each month this year (and a new blog to come some time soon). This is the first “challenge”: “In the spirit of change and renewal that comes with a new year, this month we challenge you to share your BHAGs with us.” In Luluspeak, BHAG (pronounced [...]