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Mimi Swartz

In the latest issue of Texas Monthly, author of the original shit-stirring article ‘The Yoga Mogul’ (NYTimes, July 2010) Mimi Swartz tackles the John Friend saga and the collapse of the Anusara empire with a breadth of extensive details starting from the beginning and leading us through the roller coaster ride of resignations, accusations, outrage, apologies and accountability.


On July 19th The New York Times published an article in the Sunday Magazine entitled “The Yogul Mogul”, an in-depth look at Anusara, Inc., it’s leader (the mogul) John Friend, and essentially framing the overall big picture of the thriving state of this modern day yoga industry. It was not a fluff piece, and many [...]


There’s been plenty of outcry and response on the interwebs over the less than lovey-dovey ‘Yoga Mogul’ NYTimes article. Yet, John Friend himself has remained commentless, er mostly. JF is a bona fide twitterbug dispatching tweets from the road; the road being all over the planet as he spreads the Anusara seed. We know he’s [...]


If the NYTimes wanted to paint the picture of a joyfully Self-absorbed yogi overlord reclined in his cushy chair, tended to by doting assistants while amusing himself  with his own sound bites of wisdom, well they sure did a good job of it, down to the photo caption “Boss pose”.  Not to say this gargantuan [...]