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Miley Cyrus

She’s certainly made some interesting choices in her life, but being yogadorks, we’d have to say taking on the practice of yoga has been one of her best. Say what you will about the eccentric pop star, the liberal tongue-wagger, a mini Stevie Nicks sprinkled with pixies dust, Miley Cyrus is definitely a unique and outspoken [...]


Miley Cyrus, a “yoga superstar”? Sure, if the media says so! But that’s how they talk about every celebriyogi posting yoga pics on Instagram (and there are more than a few). We happen to like this photo the wild child pop star and avid yoga practitioner recently posted of herself bound up in Marichyasana D, [...]


Hey hey! Ya know, there are some days when we talk about yoga and neuroscience, or stoking yogis and pot, and then there are some days when Miley Cyrus dons a lacy Gaga meets Stevie Nicks undergarment getup and poses in Natarajasana, Lord of the Dance pose. Ah, and here we are. Catching flak recently [...]